what we do

Cotterell is a storage and transport company for – primarily – cocoa beans and other agricultural commodities. One of our specialities is storing cocoa beans for manufacturers of fine chocolate.
In addition, thanks to the rise in organic products, we have stored a great many certified organic cocoa beans in our warehouse facilities over the last 20 years. In order to safeguard the integrity of organically-grown cocoa throughout the chain, we have obtained certification as a logistic service provider from a number of authorities. We feel it’s important to accept our own responsibility with regard to increasing sustainability within the chain.

The quality of our services is important, of course, but so is the quality of the product itself. We conduct quality inspections in our own warehouses, and can do so at your premises on request.

Cotterell has its own in-house Customs department where we can take care of all the necessary Customs formalities, such as arranging clearance for inbound goods.

And because we feel it’s important to contribute to our community, we also sponsor a youth football team at the club ODIN’59. Young people, after all, are the future.

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Seeing is believing that’s where the company stands for and that’s our goal in life.