Commodity warehousing through certified storage and handling of goods

When transporting goods, you expect the best care for your product when it’s stored during transit. Your cocoa or any agricultural commodity is in good hands with our team of specialists in commodity warehousing. This is underlined by our certifications and vision to provide you with a sustainable, environmentally-friendly storage facility. 

Your partner in warehousing for commodity goods

We understand the needs of our clients, their products and the means to properly store and handle their goods. After completing the process of customs and transportation, we provide our certified warehousing services as a full-service logistical partner. 

Cocoa beans have historically been our core business. It’s no coincidence our business is located in the port of Amsterdam, the world’s top cocoa port, and near the Zaanstreek region, which is renowned for its large-scale cocoa-processing industries. But we can store other agricultural commodities such as coffee beans, peanuts, dried fruit and rubber for you as well.  

Storage right at the Port of Amsterdam
With the goods being in transit, it’s the most effective to be right near the transfer. Our warehousing facilities are located right at the logistical heart of global cocoa transportation, at the Port of Amsterdam.

Warehousing services for quality assurement
While waiting to be shipped out to their destination, the goods in storage can be inspected by our team. We provide quality control, handle any documenation and reporting and offer digital monitoring and pest control.

Certifications assure the best quality, including the warehousing of organic goods
Storage doesn’t stop at simply holding on to your agricultual commodities. We’re licensed to handle organic products, with facilities exclusively for organic cocoa.

Storage and handling

Cotterell is a traditional warehouse keeper for agricultural products. We are your partner in:

  • Transport to and from the port of Amsterdam
  • Storage in one of our warehouse facilities in the port of Amsterdam
  • Inspection 
  • Documentation
  • Reporting
  • Arranging Customs formalities
  • Insurance and claims settlement
  • Reconditioning 
  • Digital monitoring and pest control reporting

While our core business is cocoa, you can also turn to us for assistance with other agricultural commodities such as coffee beans, peanuts, dried fruit and rubber. Because we have over a century of experience, you can rest assured your products are in good hands.

Certified organic

In order to store organic cocoa beans, we have obtained certification as a service provider from Bio Suisse, Skal, USDA-NOP and UTZ. A number of our warehouse facilities are used exclusively for organic cocoa. These certified organic beans are treated for pests using organically approved methods. While this is currently done by refrigerating the products, in the future, pest control will be carried out in special rooms with controlled climate and atmosphere. The latter method uses less energy and is therefore a more environmentally-friendly option.

Our warehouses have earned licensing approval for the ICE cocoa futures market. In addition, we have a cleaning installation for cocoa beans that separates out foreign materials such as pieces of rope, shells, clusters, nibs and metal.

Testing for top-quality goods

Analysis and quality control

With strong in-house knowlegde of cocoa, we can provide you with sampling services for top quality assurement.

Want to know more about our Customs & Transportation Services?

We take the effort out of storage and handling your commodity goods. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how Cotterell can help you with Commodity Logistics.


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