Handling your needs regarding customs formalities and transport of goods

Cotterell is an expert in transporting goods from their country of origin to Amsterdam, storing them in our certified warehouse facilities and then seeing your goods are delivered to whatever destination you have in mind. 

A top quality process involves knowing about all the intricacies regarding incoming and outgoing transport

At the heart of cocoa transportation located at the Port of Amsterdam, we put over 100 years of expertise to practice when handling the transportation needs of our clients. This in summary involves two major parts of the transportation process.

Clearing customs and formalities
Any intricacies regarding customs formalities are covered by the expertise of our team. Our people maintain short lines of communication with the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration

Arranging any form of transportation
Handling the needs of our international clients, our team arranges for any form of transportation. 

Any means of transportation

We take care of everything on your behalf: we organise transport by land, sea, rail and air, including intermodal transport. Cotterell is your one-stop-shop for:


  • Transport services

  • 4PL supply chain management

  • Vendor Managed Inventory

  • Transport insurance

  • Customs formalities


All customs formalities are handled
Cotterell has its own in-house Customs department and is AEO certified. We are familiar with the obligations that come along with international trade, such as Customs declarations, import duties, VAT and more. We have the necessary knowledge in-house and our people maintain short lines of communication with the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration. This enables us to quickly and efficiently manage all Customs formalities on your behalf, such as arranging clearance of inbound goods, submitting proper documentation for the import or export of goods, and other administrative obligations. You can relax, as there’ll be no need for further action on your part.

Taking care of your goods in transit

Certified storage and handling

As a traditional warehouse keeper for agricultural products, we are fully licensed to store and handle your products. Turn to us for assistance with cocao and any other agricultural commodities.

Want to know more about our Customs & Transportation Services?

We take the effort out of storage and handling your commodity goods. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how Cotterell can help you with Commodity Logistics.


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