Our in-house inspectors and surveyors cover quality control during transit

Serving our international clients with commodity logistics for decades, we have a deep understanding of what defines the best quality cocoa and other agricultural commodities. They trust us with the quality control on their goods, providing them with sampling services ons-site and in our laboratory. 

Quality control

Besides transport and storage of your cocoa beans and other agricultural commodities, we also offer sampling services. 

We have strong in-house knowledge of cocoa beans, the quality of those beans and how to analyse them. Cotterell employs various inspectors/surveyors who carry out quality inspections on clients’ behalf, both in-house and at the clients’ own locations. In other words: we know high-quality cocoa when we see it. And we’re happy to share that knowledge with our clients and partners as well. 

Handling formalities for in- and outbound goods

Customs and transportation

We know all about transportation and customs formalities. Turn to us for any form of transport: by land, sea, rail and air.

Want to know more about our Quality Control Services?

We take the effort out of storage and handling your commodity goods. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how Cotterell can help you with Quality Contol for cocoa and agricultural commodities.


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