We know everything there is to know about cocoa, and are happy to share this expertise

As one of the oldest cocoa-related businesses in Amsterdam, HD Cotterell B.V. specializes in the handling and storage, transport and quality control of cocoa on behalf of international trading companies, cocoa processors and manufacturers of fine chocolate. But with a new direction (as of March 2019) and over 20 years’ experience in trade and logistics with cocoa and other products, we also have insight into the current issues that affect our clients and the cocoa industry at large. Today, sustainability and corporate social responsibility have been integrated across the entire chain, something we at Cotterell feel is deeply important.

Cotterell started out as the Amsterdam branch office of a Hamburg-based warehousing company
owned by a German-English family named Cotterell. Today, the company has operated
independently for decades, making it one of the few 100% Dutch cocoa-warehousing companies still
found in Amsterdam today.

Thanks to our over 100 years of experience, when it comes to cocoa beans, we know absolutely everything about transport, logistics, storage, Customs formalities and quality control.


Providing end-to-end logistics services

Commodity logistics specialist

We offer a range of services to provide end-to-end logistical services to international trading companies, cocoa processors and manufacturers of fine chocolate. This includes our warehousing facilities located at the Port of Amsterdam.

New management eager to share and expand on in-house knowledge

In March 2019, the company was acquired by two ambitious entrepreneurs: Geert Habers and Rolf Hulleman. Rolf and Geert run an agency for logistics and port services together. In other words, the two possess decades of combined experience in both the cocoa market and the business of storage and handling.

Our values are:

  • Sharing knowledge and experience
  • End-to-end sustainability within the chain
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

The cocoa business is a people business. From the cocoa farmer to the chocolate manufacturer, people are what make the difference throughout the process. And that includes our people as well. Although the current management was appointed only recently, some of our employees have been with the company for decades. The vast knowledge and experience of our people, particularly with regard to fine flavour and specialty cocoa beans, make Cotterell the obvious logistics partner for (international) trading companies, cocoa processors and manufacturers of fine chocolate. 

We are eager to share our knowledge of cocoa as well – not only with our clients on-site or in our laboratory, but also during international conferences such as the ECA European Cocoa Forum and Chocoa in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, for which we are a sponsor.


New management has meant new ambitions for the company. Among these ambitions is the further expansion of Cotterell, with corporate social responsibility as a top priority. We are certified in the storage and treatment of certified organic cocoa beans. These days, pest control for certified organic beans entails refrigeration of the products. We are currently exploring the possibilities for controlled- atmosphere storage rooms as well. This treatment method is much more environmentally-friendly and allows larger quantities to be processed simultaneously. This, ultimately, is our chief concern: that the quality of our services ensures the best possible product quality for our clients.

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