A classic warehousing company with modern ambitions

As one of the oldest cocoa-related businesses in Amsterdam, HD Cotterell B.V. specializes in the handling and storage, transport and quality control of cocoa on behalf of international trading companies, cocoa processors and manufacturers of fine chocolate. But with a new direction (as of March 2019) and over 20 years’ experience in trade and logistics with cocoa and other products, we also have insight into the current issues that affect our clients and the cocoa industry at large. Today, sustainability and corporate social responsibility have been integrated across the entire chain, something we at Cotterell feel is deeply important.

Cocoa beans have historically been our core business. It’s no coincidence our business is located in the port of Amsterdam, the world’s top cocoa port, and near the Zaanstreek region, which is renowned for its large-scale cocoa-processing industries. But we can store other agricultural commodities such as coffee beans, peanuts, dried fruit and rubber for you as well.

The Cotterell name stands for extensive experience and a modern approach to the storage and handling of cocoa beans and other agricultural commodities.

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Seeing is believing that’s where the company stands for and that’s our goal in life.