Melissa de Raat - Thursday May 20, 2021

February 24th – 26th Chocoa 2021, the Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference virtually took place. Featuring the ASCC and Chocolate Makers’ Forum, also this year, Chocoa invited key players to network and discuss important sustainability issues. We as HD Cotterell Amsterdam were happy to, again, be official partner of this event that brings together the key industry stakeholders of cocoa and chocolate. During the partner booth session, focusing on Cotterell’s storage capabilities, Cotterell was thrilled to show off our top-quality services to the audience. Moreover, Cotterell Director Geert Habers and Quality Manager Theo Quast showed the new direction of Cotterell, while remaining and exploiting the innovative spirit on sustainable solutions as an integrated part of Cotterell’s day to day business.

Global Conference

Chocoa 2021 again showed the importance of gathering leading figures of the industry, discussing key topics as child labor as a running thread, data, digitalization and traceability. At Cotterell, we believe that a successful event will also call up for action, as the 130 speakers and over fifty items on the program were advocating for; as the virtual Chocoa alone saved up more than 2,5 million traveling kilometers.

Cotterell currently stores and handles cocoa beans- and related products from over thirty countries. Chocoa offered again the unique opportunity to get in contact with participants from no fewer than forty-nine countries during the three-day event. During Cotterell’s company presentation and Q&A, Habers and Quast, together with Cotterell’s Business Developer Melissa de Raat, presented the new direction Cotterell will take for the upcoming years.

Presenting Two Years of Improvements

Among others, during the company presentation was discussed that in the past few years Cotterell invested in toxic free pest control, resulting in from 2020 all our warehousing is suitable for storing organic cocoa related products. Furthermore, we invested in replacing our diesel to environmentally friendly 100% electric and gas forklifts. Cotterell’s top priority will remain providing the highest quality care in terms of storage and handling of our clients’ products. Newer solutions focused on automatic, and most importantly, careful handling of cocoa bags is a challenge Cotterell is extensively though due diligently exploring at the moment: always keeping in mind retaining the quality of the cocoa beans and related products.

Furthermore, exploiting top quality service through decades of knowledge and expertise, sustainable unburdening and agile delivery on personal needs were highlighted, and our delivery explained, as Cotterell’s core values. This is how we serve international trading companies, cocoa processors and manufacturers of fine chocolate.

We are always happy to inform you on what we can offer you. If you are interested in Cotterell, located at the port of Amsterdam, do not hesitate to contact us directly via the following channels:

Geert Habers – director and owner of HD Cotterell Amsterdam  +31646316105

Melissa de Raat – business developer at HD Cotterell Amsterdam  +31651374550

We thank Chocoa 2021 organization, in special Mariana De La Rosa, partners and all the participants for the nice and inspiring conversations. We are looking forward to Chocoa 2022!

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