A fresh look through a new logo

Björnica Siran - Monday November 18, 2019

With over century of experience, we believe that it’s imperative that we uphold the quality of our commodity services while we keep innovating and improving. As a team, we have been providing international trading companies, cocoa processors and manufacturers of fine chocolate with end-to-end services for a very long time. After the acquisition of Cotterell in March 2019 by a team of three ambitious entrepreneurs, the plans were not to do complete overhaul because we believe in the successes that we’ve accomplished over this time.

It was a good time though to revise and refresh our communcations and logo, starting with the website as we didn’t have much to offer on the old splashpage. With a team of specialists, we’ve worked on updating our visual communications to 2020.

While we work on further expanding and updating the processes that have become the foundations of Cotterell, you’ll be seeing more of this revamped visual identity over the next few months. We look forward to gradually expand on this company’s ambitions together with our existing and new contacts.

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Seeing is believing that’s where the company stands for and that’s our goal in life.