Melissa de Raat - Thursday May 27, 2021

HD Cotterell Amsterdam is well-known in the market for its craftmanship and knowledge of cocoa. As one of the oldest cocoa warehouses in Amsterdam, recognizing and handling cocoa carefully is one of Cotterell’s core values. In the past two years, this field of craftmanship has even grown further, as new directors and a new team, combined with the most experienced analysts and workers in the field, has resulted in the ultimate warehousing formula: having the right people and the best tools to serve customers tailored by care.


Investing in the future of cocoa logistics

As the warehousing gatekeepers of cocoa in Amsterdam, currently Cotterell continues to invest mainly on the operations side. The goal is to rebuild Cotterell from within, as two years ago among others director Geert Habers acquired the company Cotterell; making it the single owned Dutch cocoa warehousing company in Amsterdam. He is as closely involved in all operations in our warehouses, as he started his career in the ports of Amsterdam’s cocoa warehouses almost twenty years ago. Director Habers states: “Cotterell has completely transformed since 2019. For the past two years we invested heavily in the quality of storage, so we can now proudly reclaim the statement of Cotterell’s top quality norms. We offer the best tools for our partners. Not only with our facilities, but also with our flexible client-teams which can quickly deliver upon our partners personal needs. That is how we strive forward during these times: together in consultation.”

        “That is how we strive forward during these times: together in consultation.” 

              – Director Geert Habers


Organization optimalization

Organization wise, Cotterell has created client teams which can adjust quickly, and are always ready to take on our partners day-to-day challenges – from international trading companies to processors and manufacturers. All this makes Cotterell a reliable and agile service provider. We do that with pride and care. Pioneering our way with infinite opportunities and taking in a personal approach, we are open to store and handle more cocoa now and in the future.

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